General Marketing

Arabesque Media is a marketing agency with over twenty six years of experience working in the marketing field. Our combined experience bring to Arabesque Media USA a wealth of knowledge to share with our clients. Our forte is digital marketing and corporate business event planning. We transitioned from a publishing company to a digital marketing to provide our clients with latest digital marketing trends in the industry.

Corporate Event Organizing

We learned over the years that the bottom line to businesses is their return on investment. There is not better way to ensure that our clients secure new business than put them face to face with their clients. That’s why we started organizing business expos, banquets, conferences and festivals to bring the two sides together under one roof in order to introduce business relations. The result is always an incredible amount of connections and deal closings. We do organize number of events every year bring satisfaction to us and our clients.

Ethnic Marketing

The ethnic population in the US has grown exponentially and will continue to do so. One sector of this ethnic make up is the Middle Eastern Arabic speaking community. In addition to the large Islamic community that has flourished and become more organized and influential in the the last twenty years.

Our goal is to bridge between your company and these unique ethnic communities. Understanding the culture, language and habits give us the edge when catering to these communities. Demographics show that these community are well educated, have high incomes and spend on everything money can buy.

Whether your company wants to conduct research or build campaigns to promote your products or services we will be able to deliver. Our connections and extensive relationships within these communities will bring you the results you aspire to. We will meet with your company’s executive to assess your needs and offer our best solutions for the success of your marketing campaign. Whether you need social media, online, print, or advertising campaign we will create a custom fitted campaign to work around your needs and budget to make the best out of your business to generate more income as you grow.